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Cautious on Crusher Industry Investment and Careful in Operation

Currently there have been more and more factories, which produce crushers, so it must be cautious on investment and careful in equipment operation. Correct operational techniques of the crusher are beneficial to efficiency improvement and prolonging the working life of the equipment. After preparation of crushing, you should operate according to the starting procedure. You should pay attention to the following points on the operation of the crusher.
1. When starting the main generator, you should control the ammeter on the board. The electric current will be in the normal current peak after starting the peak-current for 30 to 40 minutes.
2. Start the feeder when the jaw crusher is in normal operating condition, and adjust the transfer zone to change the feeding amount according to the size of the aggregate and the jaw crusher's operational condition. Commonly, the height of the aggregate in the crushing chamber should not exceed 2/3 high in the chamber. Moreover, the diameter of the aggregate should not be more than 50% to 60% of the height of the crushing chamber, which makes the highest productivity. If the aggregate is larger, it may cause blocking, which affects the production.
3. During the normal operation of the crusher, the electric current should not exceed the prescribed limit for a long time.
4. When the equipment shuts down and the cause is unknown, restarting the crusher should be avoided.
5. Avoid the metal, such as the relieving tooth, track board, the drill bit, from getting into the jaw crusher to break the equipment. If the metal is already in the crusher, then you should tell the staff in the next link to avoid it from getting into the second-level crusher and causing an accident.
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