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The Future Development of Mining Machinery Equipment

The general mining machinery equipment includes crushing, screening and washing, grinding equipment, etc. The normally used mining machinery equipment in stone production line includes the jaw crusher of primary crushing, cone crusher and impact crusher of secondary crushing and tertiary crushing, VSI sand making machine and impact crusher for sand making, and other mining crushing machine; as well as the screening and washing equipment for grading washing effect in the stone production line.

At present, the mining machinery equipment produced by our country far lags behind foreign equipment. It requires the machinery enterprises to pay attention to the promotion of products’ technology when they improve the production of machinery equipment. Besides, they should also pay attention to the energy conservation and environmental protection so as to adapt to the contemporary changes. Only in this way can they produce more equipment in line with social development, and narrow the gap with foreign countries.
In addition, we also need to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, establish complete enterprise system, improve product quality, perfect the enterprise service so as to provide equipment support for national construction, promote the rapid development of mining machinery equipment and gradually get rid of the dependence on foreign in technology at the same time.
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