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Shanghai Shunky Held Stuff Training to Promote Sale Skills

With more and more competitors in the market, the situation is tough. It will be a good way to get into the international market and step out of the bottleneck. But at the same time, there are a variety of factors like language, cultural, political, economic affecting the international instability. Therefore, to some extent strengthening  personnel training will affect the results of international trade .

In this month, Shamghai Shunky welcomed new staff on international trade and we held stuff training to promote sale skills in international trade. Due to the character of international trade, the main content of this training is business email writing, quotations production and trade terms. After working on the problems in detail  analysis and discussion, we combine different cultural backgrounds, answering the questions. All trainees have mastered the practical operation of the techniques.
In addition, all participants trained the basic knowledge of the crushing equipment, sand making machine, screening equipment. Due to the upgrading of company's products in a short circle, so the training has added some new information about the device. although these are only elementary kowledge learning, it also enriches all participants and laid a good foundation for the systematically future learning.