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Shanghai Shunky Stays Realistic and Pragmatic

 Facing the highly competitive market of crusher, many companies and manufacturers are utilitarian pursuing economical profits and ignoring the technological innovation of crusher and the process innovation of crushing production. They always pay much attention to the slogan and price instead of quality and performance which are uneven and not advanced.  

The long-term development of enterprise cannot simply count on the prevailing slogan and low price. Instead, they should focus on excellent quality, good performance and advanced technology. Only obtaining the truth of the thing can we grasp the real need of the customers and the market so as to remain invincible. For this reason, crusher manufactures should be realistic and pragmatic.
Being realistic is to pursue the truth, the crushing performance and the crushing technology of crushers. The problems of high energy consumption, high pollution and low efficiency are still not well solved, and the resources and the environment has been destroyed seriously. This kind of realistic contradiction requires crusher manufacturers to improve the performance of the equipment and the production technology, and achieve cleanly and high efficient crushing work, which has profound influence on the scientific and rational use of resources as well as the long-term development.
Being pragmatic refers to the attitude. Since the birth of modern crusher, it has gone through unnumbered improvement and several generations of changes. Innovation needs the investment of manpower and material resources as well as time and experience accumulation. For this reason, we cannot be anxious to achieve quick success and get instant benefits, and can’t be divorced from reality. From the perspective of the development of sand making machine, from the year of 1858 in which the first sand making equipment truly comes into being to now, the sand making principle of the third generation sand making machine hasn’t changed. And the changes are the appearance, the material of the equipment, the adjustment and the improvement of the structure. From above changes, we can know the difficulties of technique and technology innovation. However, any adjustment and improvement also can bring great economical and social benefits.
Shanghai Shunky has been in crusher industry for decades which compared with the whole developing progress of crusher is relatively short. However, Shunky has always adhered to the road of independent innovation, insisted on the principle of optimality. From its first sand making machine to its new advanced 6S sand making machine, Shunky stays realistic and pragmatic. On the basis of perfecting the product quality, Shunky makes changes and innovation. On the basis of changing and innovating, Shunky achieves breakthrough and great-leap-forward development, leading the trend of Chinese crusher market.
Today, Shanghai Shunky crusher and stone production line have been sold at home and abroad. The good quality, excellent performance, and perfect service of the equipment have won wide praises. It is Shunky development concept, bold to make unprecedented progress and down-to-earth spirit, that makes Shanghai Shunky walk farther.