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When Maintaining Jaw Crusher, Pay Attention to the Size of Core Parts

 Core parts play important parts in equipment. However, there are serious wear and tear of equipment in using process. 

If the parts has a certain deviation in production process, it will wear and tear faster in the later application. For jaw crusher, we need to exchange the parts after a period of time. If you have no corresponding data provided by manufacturers, we need pay more attention and focus on how to adjust it during the later using process.
It the materials surpass 300 mpa, using jaw crusher will damage the equipment greatly. For this reason, we need to avoid the materials of high hardness. If you have professional engineering technicians, we can decide the equipment and the actual use of material processing according to the specific environment. When we choose jaw crusher for processing, the requirements on the thickness and hardness of the materials are strict. In the production line, we can see jaw crusher frequently.