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Iron Ore Probably Influence the Development of Stone Crusher

It was reported that the price of iron ore will be falling in the second half of the year of 2014. Fortunately, the expected low price of iron and steel enterprises will not happen in a short period of time.
From the analysis of various purchase funnels, on the one hand, the domestic steel mills and traders agree that they should take the wait-and-see and low inventory strategy; International mining giant, on the other hand, means to take control, no goods available may lead to periodic tension of supply and demand. At some certain stage, once the steel production released, ateel mill may be forced to purchase high-priced ore, which forming a new round of price increases.
Analysis from various aspects, the CIF of imported ore in 2014 is about $120 per ton, fluctuation amplitude decreases. Domestic ore prices is similar with that in 2013, but declined slightly. At the same time, it will be affected by the price of imported ore. Industry insiders predicted that the CIF of imported ore may drop to $110 per ton, even lower than that. The price trend of iron ore has greatly restricted the development of stone crusher. This poor development of crusher industry should be changed to better by executives efforts.
The development of stone crusher is closely related to the development trend of domestic ore. In 2013, ore market was just in the reincarnation as the above described. And sales of stone crusher is in proportion to iron ore price. As a result, iron ore has great influence on the development of stone crusher.