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On September 3, 2014, Customer from Sichuan Province Came to Inspect Shunky Machinery Equipment

 On the morning of September 3, Sichuan customer, Mr. Chu, came to visit my company mining crushers including jaw crusher and cone crusher. Shunky business personnel introduced the detailed information about jaw crusher and cone crusher to the customer, and made a comparison of the two devices.

First of all, they explained the jaw crusher to the customer. Jaw crusher is mainly designed for the crushing work of the rock with hardness. It is mainly used for coarse and secondary crushing. Due to the strong crushing ability and simple operation of jaw crusher, at present, it has been widely used in mineral processing, building materials, silicate and ceramic industries.
Compared with jaw crusher, cone crusher has its superior performance. It is mainly used for secondary and finely crushing work. For this reason, its products are more uniform. Cone crusher’s advantage lies in: 1, the depth of cone crusher crushing cavity is big, so the production capacity is high. And the electricity consumption of ore is lower than jaw crusher. 2, it is convenient to restart cone crusher while the start of jaw crusher needs auxiliary tool to complete. Although it is a small step, it is very useful for energy saving and consumption reduction. 3, cone crusher works smoothly, and produce small dust and noise, which reduces the pollution to the environment and avoids noise damage to workers. Its vibration is light. Compared with jaw crusher, it is lighter. 4, cone crusher’s crushing cavity can be filled with materials and can transport raw ore directly.
Cone crusher also has certain advantages which are mainly embodied in the installation and maintenance which are very complex. And the large body is not easy to store, and it is not suitable for the crushing work of damp or sticky material.
Every kind of mining machinery equipment has its unique advantage. Of course, there are more or less defects. This requires users to listen to the merchant's product introduction, to weigh their own needs, and choose the right equipment.