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Improving the Stability and Durability of Stone Crusher Can Prolong Its Service Life

Today, we are getting to know that improving the stability and durability of stone crusher in its running process can prolong its service life and maximize the production value of crusher so as to obtain the highest returns at the lowest economic investment. Then, what are these measures?  

Different ore crushing equipment have different maintenance ways. For the lubrication work of cone crusher equipment, it is better to add lubricating oil on time and clean it half a year. The lubricating oil used in each season is different, which requires us to handle it reasonably. Lubricating oil can minimize the friction between components of cone crusher to the lowest, which can guarantee the stability and durability of cone crusher and maximize the value of cone crusher. When designing frame, we should combine the stress distribution with the output of cone crusher, adopt reasonable materials and thickness to ensure the strength of the frame. The frame of cone crusher can keep a good state in a long time of vibrating and crushing work.
Besides, we should also avoid the phenomenon of overload. Cone crusher is generally used as fine crushing equipment without feeder. On the top of feeding port, it is the end of the belt conveyor. The overload may be caused by too many materials in the crusher. At this time, we should firmly stop the machine and clean it. The happening of overload is because the hard material entered into the machine. For example, iron rocks into cone crusher cannot be crushed. Although cone crusher has its own protection devices like the rise of the hydraulic cylinder, the opening of the discharging port, which can discharge the iron, it is inevitably to cause damage to the machine.