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How to Choose a Suitable Stone Crusher According to Stone Material?

As we all know, stones are diversity. Different stone crushers have different emphases. When we choose the stone crusher, stones’ compressive strength, wear resistance and moisture should be taken into serious consideration. And now we will analysis the choice of stone crusher according to stone’s material.

For those low comprehensive stones, there is no need to choose the jaw crusher, hammer crusher, such as: Shale, chalk, gypsum, rock salt, anthracite, the common marl, crushing, cementing conglomerate, sandstone rock soil. The roller crusher, impact crusher and cone crusher are suitable for these stones.
For the medium hardness ores, such as limestone, rocks, dinas, the jaw crusher, hammer crusher, roller crusher and impact crusher are all acceptable.
For those hard stones, such as:basalt, quartz, granite and other stones, we should choose the high capacity crushers. They are cone crusher and jaw crusher.
Therefore, when we purchase the crushing machine, the stone’s material has great effect on these choices. Shanghai Shunky is famous for producing the equipment, such as jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher and vertical shaft impact crusher etc.