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How to Maintain Stone Crusher in Wet Conditions?

Rainy or snowy weather is very common for many regions in the world. A humid environment not only makes us feel uncomfortable but also damages the machines which are made of steel. It is because that the iron will have oxidation reaction with the moisture and oxygen in the air especially in a humid environment. For example, the most machines including stone crusher in a crushing plant are made of steel. So we should know how to maintain stone crusher in wet conditions.

First of all, we should buy machines with high quality. High-quality stone crusher is processed with antirust processing. Some not easy to rusty metals are electroplated on the surface of the machines. A layer of dense oxide film is formed to protect the machine from rusting through the contact with air and moisture. Also, the surface of the machine should be painted with mineral oil, which can also reduce the chances of the contact with the moisture. Secondly, when using the machines, the customers should provide good working conditions for the machines. Also, regular maintenance is necessary in the process of operation. Stone crusher and vibrating screen have frequent friction with the material, so the abrasion of the painting is heavy compared with other machines. In order to keep the machines in good working condition, we suggest that the customers should re-paint the machine, which can protect the machine better.
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