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Different Features of Different Crushing Machines in Crushing Plant

Crushing plant, also called stone crushing plant, is mainly divided into two major categories of stone crushing plant and sand making plant. But the general component is the same, which are bunker, feeder, primary crushing equipment, secondary crushing equipment, screening equipment and transportation equipment. The main difference is different choices of ore crushing because of their respective characteristics.    

As secondary crushing equipment in crushing plant, there are many kinds of stone crushers. The most common ones are impact crusher, cone crusher and jaw crusher. And they have their own characteristics. The impact crusher is suitable for the raw material with low hardness, the size and shape of the finished product is better, which can be used as shaping equipment, furthermore, the cost of investment is very low. Cone crusher is suitable for high hardness materials, and its crushing ratio is high, the size and shape of finished products is similar to each other, the quick-wear parts’ usage cycle is long, so the operation cost is low. There is another stone crusher, which is jaw crusher. Its operating cost and investment cost is the lowest among the three crushers and suitable for harder materials, broken ratio is high.
Different mining crushers are used in different occasions. According to the above analysis, we can choose secondary crushing equipments in the production line according to our own specific situations.