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The Main Composition and Different Configuration Scheme of Crushing Plant

In general, crushing plant is divided into stone crushing plant and sand making plant. Stone crushing plant is mainly composed of bunker, vibration feeder, primary crusher (jaw crusher), secondary stone crusher(cone crusher/impact crusher/fine jaw crusher), vibrating screen and belt conveyor, in some cases may have tertiary crusher according to need.

Compared with stone crushing plant, stone crusher for sand making plant is different, which mainly is sand making maker. Besides, sand making plant can be equipped with sand washer according to the needs of customers. If the raw material is too large to be produced, we need the stone crushing plant to crush them, then we need sand making plant to work. The main difference among various crushing plant configurations is different types of ore crusher. so what are the main factors affecting these configurations?
The first is the characteristics of raw material, size, hardness, impurities contained, the proportion of finished products and raw materials will affect ore crushing equipments’ selection. The second is the customers’ demand for product, different customers have different demands on finished products, such as size type and proportion. Impact crusher and sand maker can be used as a cosmetic ore crushing equipment because the type of their product is in good quality. The third is the customers’ request of output, the output of a production line is the key element of choosing a equipment. In addition, there are some special cases may also affect the configuration of production line.