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Stone Crusher Export is More Difficult in 2014th

 As the enhancing of comprehensive national strength in China, the export of stone crusher increases stably these years. However, long-term huge trade surplus leads to fiercer and fiercer trade friction. Also, RMB appreciated for one year in 2013th. And the United Nations requires China to admit the status of developed country. The above international backgrounds make the export more and more difficult.

After having experienced high-speed increase before 2011th and sharp drop in 2012th and 2013th, Chinesestone crusher industry enters a stable and moderate increase this year. According to the industry analysis, the improvement of technology domestic and the increasing demand of mining machinery will promote the export of stone crushers. While some negative factors including depressed international economy, RMB appreciation and rise of raw material price will bring large challenge for the export of machinery industry. In a word, the export of Chinese machinery is uncertain.
Price is an outstanding advantage for the export of stone crusher, but the insufficient of new demand and weak innovation should be paid much attention to. How to solve the above problems is the key to keep high-speed increase for machinery industry.