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Technician Human Resource is the Only Way to Help Crusher Industry Be Out of the Trouble


The stone crusher industry has developed for several decades, during the complete developing stage, we got through the depressed, but also have wined the transitory prosperity. However, compared with the foreigners top brand, Chinese brands are still in a disadvantage state. Therefore, the only way to help the stone crusher industry be out of the trouble is training the high-tech human.

At present, our stone crusher industry is lack of the high-tech human, which leads to the manufacturing process and testing be far behind. The scale is small and manufacturing ability is in a low stage. Shanghai Shunky devotes itself into the research and development in its fifth years of mining industry. At the help of the research institute and high-tech college, Shanghai Shunky improves a lot in the short time.

Facts speaks louder than words, high-tech innovation makes the company be more and more advanced. And Shanghai Shunky will make more achievements in the future.