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The Classification Way of Cone Crusher

Cone crusher of middle and fine crushing work is what we have seen, the conventional cone crusher. This equipment is also called mushroom shape cone crusher. The materials it processed are that after coarse crushing. Therefore, the feeding outlet does not need to be too big. But this equipment is required to increase discharging range to improve the production capacity. The biggest characteristic of this equipment is requiring the relatively even particle size of product after the crushing. The movable jaw and fixed jaw of this equipment all adopt positively installed fitting way. The movable jaw of this equipment appears cone. Near the discharging opening, it forms a parallel region between the movable jaw and fixed jaw. Its main function is to secure the even particle size of discharging materials.

The description of cone crusher’s working principle: the designed movable jaw, fixed jaw designed by the stone cone crusher and angle of procession form the geometry cavity model of cone crusher together. This will be the main working site of crushing materials. The crushed products fall down from the cone crushing cavity, which is the result of squeezing between jaw of crusher and rock materials. In the meanwhile, the decision of good or bad performance of cone crusher also displays in the geometrical shape of crushing cavity, working parameter of crusher and characteristic of rock materials etc parts. The operation way and crank rotation of this equipment are relatively similar. All drive the main axis to make even rotational movement on constant rotate speed by the electromotor.Cone crushers can be divided into coarse crushing, middle-fine crushing two types of equipments roughly according to the usage. They can be divided into suspension type, supporting shaft and vibrating three types according to the structure and function of this equipment.  

In the practical production process, the cone crusher used in coarse crushing work is also called gyratory crusher. Therefore, this crusher used to need to handle the materials with bigger size in the production process. So the design of feeding port must be big enough. The movable jaw of this equipment is laid upright and the fixed jaw adopts the inverted design plan.