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Installation and Maintenance of Gangue Crusher in Routine Operation

Coal is the production of other minerals and materials indispensable material, so a wide range of gangue crusher machine maintenance is an extremely important routine work, it should be extremely closely related with operations and maintenance etc., there should be a full-time staff on duty checks. The following describes the installation and maintenance of gangue crusher.

1. machine maintenance:
1, bearing shoulders the entire load of the machine, so good lubrication is of a great relationship of the bearing service life, it directly affects the service life and the operation rate of the machine, thus requiring that the injection of oil must be clean. The seal must be good. The main oiling office (1) Turn the bearing (2) roller bearing (3) gears (4) activities bearing, sliding plane. 2, the newly installed tires prone to loosening must always be checked. 3, note that each part of the machine is working properly. 4, pay attention to check the degree of wearing parts, pay attention to the replacement of worn parts. 5, activities of the device chassis plane should avoid activities out of dust, and other materials bearing on the bottom shelf can not move the machine could not have broken the material, resulting in a serious accident. 6, bearing temperature rises, the reasons should be checked with immediate stop 7, turning gears in operation should be immediately stopped if the impact of the sound is abnormal

2. Installation and trial run:
1, the device should be installed on a level concrete foundation with anchor bolts. 2, the installation should pay attention to the main body vertical and horizontal levels. 3, after the installation, check loose bolts and various parts of the doors are secured host if it is requested to tighten. 4, according to the configuration of power equipment, power lines and control switches. 5, after the machine is checked, test with empty load, test the normal production.