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Points for Attention during the Operation of Crushers

Crushers have been widely used in various industres, such as mining, metallurgy, building materials, highway, railway, water conservancy and chemistry etc. In mining applications, the increasing demands for raw materials because of the growth of modern society and the protection clause of non-renewable resources have increased the demand for crushers. Then, what should be paid attention when operating crushers? Let's Shunky's technicians elaborate it to you.


1. Gravel's size cannot be larger than the maximum size of the crusher designates.


2. The working site and temperature of crushers should be within the regulation of the manufacturers designate.


3. Regularly check and replace the wearing parts of crushers. After 6-8 hours' operation, you should examine whether the wearing parts are still fixed and tighten U-shaped screws.


4. The exposed rotating parts of crushers should be covered by shield, which is applied by users.


Only the above items are paid attention can crushers at work get maximum effect, which is also responsible for the safety of staff.